Welcome to The Parenting View! A podcast and show created by Maria Foy of Happy Mum Happy Child.

The Parenting View is a place to come and listen to Maria talk to parents and experts in parenting fields about all things parenting related.

Originally the idea was to have a show, on YouTube, however a podcast is a lot more accessable and easy to listen to for a lot of parents. You can listen to a podcast while you’re out exercising, or driving. You can even listen to it if you’re at home cooking, doing housework, or just wanting to chill out.

To get started, download the SoundCloud app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Or you can simply listen to it on your computer.

We will put out an update when it is available on iTunes.

For now, here is the first episode of The Parenting View – an introduction into who Maria Foy is, how she started Happy Mum Happy Child, and a little insight into what it’s like running New Zealand’s award-winning website.

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